Are you a Mom who’s stopped having fun?  Do you have a disability, chronic illness, and/or chronic pain?  Or do you work all day, coming home with only enough energy to have dinner and crash?  This Book is for YOU! Inside you’ll find: 100 Fun things to do with the kids (even when you’re exhausted) 25 things to do during “me time” 25 things to do with the love of your life 25 things to do with your friends Ways to ditch the fun stealing guilt And much more…     This book is a love letter to all Moms who are sick and tiredRead More →

Have we got the book for you!   Your life is about to get a lot more FUN!   All moms go through periods of exhaustion.  Between caring for the kiddos, working (at an office or in the house all day) cooking, cleaning, and running around, there are some days that it’s just hard to get moving.  Add a chronic health issue, depression, or anxiety to the mix and even thinking about coming up with fun things to do seems like another chore.  Not any more!   You really can live a joyful, fun life, no matter what’s happening around you!   The Sick Mom’sRead More →

Will you join me in my quest to help moms with chronic health issues? We can get the word out, both about “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again,” so moms can learn to enjoy their lives, and let the world know that there are millions of moms with chronic illnesses that need their support and understanding. Who: YOU! What: Thunderclap Campaign: When: Now Where: Right there, on your computer, wherever you are.  Just click here: Why: to help chronically ill mamas What is Thunderclap?  According to their website: “If a tweet falls in the forest… Social media is an easy way to sayRead More →

The Sick Mom's Guide Paperback edition is HERE!

I have the paperback edition of “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again” in my hand!  This is such an exciting day!  We are taking pre-orders for the e-book on Amazon here: and the paperback will be there with it on publication day, June 23, 2017!   Thank you for your support and encouragement, and I can’t wait to have you read the book & have some FUN!Read More →

What is Createspace? is place for a self-published author to upload a manuscript so that it can be printed by major book publishers.  Amazon (who now sells 70% of books), Barnes & Noble and others all will have access to “The Sick Mom’s Guide®” on our publication date! Getting it done isn’t as easy as it sounds though!  The book was beautiful!  Once uploaded though, it took on a life of its own!  Six new pages magically appeared, distorting the images and formatting that had been done.  Lesson to remember: you can upload a Word doc, but don’t!  Uploading a PDF saves hours of work, trustRead More →

What is Bowker, you ask?  It is the only place for independent publishers to buy ISBNs in the United States.  Yes, here we must purchase our ISBNs, and they can be quite costly.  $199. for one or $299. for ten.  You need a different number for each type of book, such as paperback, e-book, and audiobook.  Since “The Sick Mom’s Guide®” is going to be sold in each of those three types, I purchased ten.  That way, I’m also prepared for Book 2 in the series, which is already halfway written, and will be released in 2018. Each version of the book must be meticulouslyRead More →

Things are going at breakneck speed over here at The Sick Mom’s Guide®!  This week, Jen’s been a guest on two podcasts, and went live in a summit on Facebook.  The book, in its entirety, will be sent to the launch team this weekend, and in the Kindle store awaiting its approval for pre-order too! It’s such a whirlwind.  Did you know that after a book is written, it needs to be in totally different format, and order for the e-book and the paperback?  We won’t even start talking audiobook yet, the recording doesn’t start until June. Speaking of June, have you heard what’s coming?  TheRead More →

I’ve always enjoyed writing.  It’s a good thing too! Between homeschooling and my own education, I will have gone through high school 7 times!  That doesn’t even sound right! But seriously, if I didn’t like to write, how would I bear all of that education?  And I LOVE it! These past few months of writing, rewriting, and editing have only made the passion burn hotter!  Every time I finish one part, I can’t WAIT to go on to the next.  I’ll let you in on a little secret…as I’ve been writing the first book, “The Sick Mom’s Guide® to Having Fun Again: If I canRead More →

Setting up a book for pre-order in the Kindle Direct store is neither quick nor easy!  I thought that having a title, ISBN, and book cover would be enough, BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE! What about a 4,000 character description of the book?  Should that be the same as the back cover? Or different?  Should it be the full 4,000 characters?  Is that too much for someone to get through?  Does less look unprofessional?  How much is enough? AND THEN… What about categories?  I get to choose two, but I have to be very careful.  There isn’t a “help Moms be more positive” section.  Is it inRead More →

The entire launch team has been chosen!   This is such an exciting day for us!! The contributions of the first 25 launch team members have been AMAZING & we’re looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to say.   We are on track to publish June 23, 2017, with pre-orders available as soon as the cover is finalized.   GUESS WHAT ELSE?? A proof of the cover came in late last night and it looks FABULOUS! Not quite ready to share it because there are a few changes that need to happen first. As soon as it’s ready, you’ll see it here…on theRead More →