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Jen Hardy is an avid collector of eclectic diseases, and mystifier of physicians.


She is a Mom to 7 children, most of whom are delightful.  She has spent over two decades perfecting the art (OK, who are we kidding, perfecting is too bold a word) improving the way homes are managed when a parent has chronic illness.

Her methods have helped her raise 4 children who are in, or graduated from, college leading the lives of their dreams. (Truthfully they are living the lives that their Mom has dreamed for them, & hopefully the ones that they dreamed of too.) She has an amazing step-daughter bonus daughter, who is also in college.  At home, there are two amazingly sweet and feisty little ones who she says keep her young and determined to stay as healthy and mobile as she can.

The Sick Mom's Guide

Jen married her knight in shining armor in 2008, Together they are bravely facing the part of their wedding vows that said, “in sickness and in health.” The health part has been gone for a while. They are still silly in love and embarrass the older kids by frequently kissing and holding hands, with no plan of stopping.


Jen’s hard at work in her office, with her youngest son and trusty sidekick, Pookie


“ Using research and experimentation, Jen has figured out how to use the least amount of energy possible to get things done.”


In 2014, Jen Hardy faced her most intense health crisis.  Misdiagnosed with myasthenia gravis, she was given medicine that exacerbated her myopathy.  The results of this were: a major surgery, plasmapheresis (if you don’t know what it is, be thankful.  It’s a tough thing to go through) and 20 rounds of ivig therapy, two of those lasting 5 days each.

Throughout that year, she was hospitalized six times, typically for a week per admission.  The total cost of treatment was $400,000.  None of the treatment helped.  It only made things worse.  (because it was all to treat the wrong disease…she had been misdiagnosed)

In November of that year, she weaned off all the medicine and treatments, and began the process of finding a doctor who would listen to her. In 2017, 9 neurologists later, she is still searching.  She has discovered more about health than she ever learned in her Medical Assistant and EMT courses, and she continues to educate herself daily.

“Keep yourself informed and be an advocate for your own healthcare,“ is her motto.

That was a difficult, dark time for Jen, and as her condition worsened, her hope dwindled.  She searched desperately to find help and encouragement as a mom with chronic illness, but couldn’t find the support she needed.  That’s when her world changed!  She knew that SHE needed to be the change she wanted to see.  She had to be positive and start something for the women who, just like her, felt sick, sad, and alone.  Now, just one short year later, she has followers in four continents & growing.  She is making a difference, and she wants to help as many women as she can.

Using research and experimentation, Jen has figured out how to use the least amount of energy possible to get things done.  That sounds lazy to some people, but to those struggling with chronic illness, it’s life-saving.  Not only that, but she sprinkles her days with laughter and fun.  That’s how she wants to live, and she enjoys sharing how to make it possible with everyone who will listen.

Do you want to join Jen and her amazing support group?  We’d love to meet you!  It’s a fantastic, safe, supportive environment.   Just go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chronicallypositivemoms/

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