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Do you want to enjoy your life, the FUN way you envisioned it would be?  This book is for YOU!

Do you struggle with depression, disability, chronic illness, and/or chronic pain?   Are you facing surgery or other procedure with a long recovery and wondering how in the world you’ll take care of your family and your home, let alone yourself?

The Sick Mom’s Guide has your answers!

The Sick Mom's Guide to Having Fun Again is the best book you'll read this year!

Jen Hardy, the woman behind the mask at Chronically Positive Mom, and builder of a worldwide support system for chronically ill Moms opens up in this groundbreaking book about the realities of what it’s like to be a Mom living with chronic illness, The Sick Mom’s Guide® To Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too!

The Sick Mom's Guide


Not content to stay in bed in her pajamas for days on end alone, Jen has made it her mission to unite Moms who live with the reality of chronic illness.  For many Moms, being sick is like a dirty little secret.  They get dolled up and looking fabulous to go out, then crash and burn at home in a pile of yoga pants and guilt.  They feel sick, tired, and miserable.  Miserable because they can’t focus on anything but the pain.  Miserable because life is stressful, and a stressful life when you’re sick can be nearly unbearable.  Miserable because of the guilt they feel when they look into their dear child’s faces and know they can’t do what the other Mommies can.

The time for misery and guilt is OVER!  Some days will be tough, but using distraction, refocus, and doing the things they enjoy, they can be better.  Illness doesn’t stop us from loving our children. Love is the most important thing we can give them.   The guilt stops here!

It’s time to let the fun begin!

The Sick Mom’s Guide is here to bring Moms with illness and disabilities into a world beyond just surviving.  It will bring you into a world of fun, interspersed with rays of joy.  Yes, even on a Mom’s worst days, she can find joy in the eyes of her child, create a positive space, find moments of peace, and she can LIVE again, not just survive.  The Sick Mom’s Guide will help her find herself again.


The Sick Mom's Guide



  • I’m stressed out, overwhelmed, and just can’t find joy in anything anymore. Is there anything I can do to feel overcome all of this so I can just have fun?
  • No one around me understands what I’m going through. I feel so alone. How can I laugh and be happy when I’m so isolated?
  • Even when I can go out, my energy & mobility are limited.  Some days/weeks/months I can’t get off of the couch. I want to have fun again.  What CAN I do?
  • I have one word when I think about cooking….AAAHHHHH! How can I make meals and have fun while doing THAT, especially with kids under my feet?
  • I can’t go anywhere on vacation, but I really need a break from my day-to-day life. What can I do?



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